Project Administrator Account


Wildlife survey's have never been easier to create and maintain! Non-profit groups, educators & researchers can use our free tools to manage wildlife sighting data and even multiple particpants in their own citizen science project.

Non-profit organizations can engage community members online with citizen science projects and promote your organization's cause. Educators can manage class activities where students contribute wildlife sightings. Researchers can easily collect, organize and publish sighting data. Use our free citizen science tools to collaborate online.

Our goal is to elliminate the technical barriers of biodiversity survey data management, make it easy to maintain projects and publish your sightings to as wide an audience as possible (we distribute biodiversity data to the Global Biodiversity Information Facility network using the Darwin Core data collection standards).

Most non-profit groups under estimate the time and money required to start up and maintain a citizen science project, this often leads to the project ending in 1-2 years or not getting off the ground to begin with. Leave the technical aspects of data management and publication to us. Keep your project alive and strong with our easy to use tools and don't let your useful data gather dust or be forgotten !

Project administrators can add/edit/remove users and approve/edit/delete their member sighting submissions. Embed sightings on your own website within an iframe too.

Register a free account and then contact us to make your account a Project Administrator.

Group Administration Features:
  • add/remove users
  • Set default permissions to require approval of sightings
Manage User Submission:
  • edit users submission data
  • make submission hidden from public view
  • enter administrator notes for user to read
  • hide users image from public view